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Vital Chiropractic is gentle chiropractic for any age, from babies to the elderly. Chiropractic is manual, natural, drug-free treatment of the body, involving manipulation and soft tissue work to the spine, muscles and cranium (skull).

The objective of treatment is to enable improved function in the body, in terms of joints, nerves and muscles in order to ease aches and pains and create freer movement. There are many different approaches in chiropractic, to cater for all different kinds of people.

This approach is ideal for you if you like the idea of extremely safe treatment, thereby being gentle and pleasurable, with gradual improvement over time. Postural, nutritional and lifestyle pointers will also be given where needed.

How does it work?

The first appointment will be about 1hr 15mins for adults and 45 minutes for babies and children. Further appointments will be about 30mins.

Firstly, problem areas are identified by examining posture and spinal and cranial alignment, and locating restrictions in the joints, muscles and cranium.

The restricted areas are treated over subsequent sessions, and guidance on posture, lifestyle and diet is given. There is a strong emphasis upon changing postural and breathing patterns, and re-establishing awareness of the body.

Kalish Method

Consultations in the Kalish Method of assessing adrenal function are offered.

This is a way of measuring stress and how it could be affecting your body and is done by measuring the levels of stress hormones via a saliva test. The initial consultation is about 1 hr 15 minutes. The follow up session is 45 minutes.

Stress is one of the primary causes of ill health and is directly related to pain, weight gain and female hormone imbalance.

By addressing adrenal function, health and vitality may be improved in many ways, including pain, energy, weight gain and symptoms of female hormone imbalance. Correction of adrenal function involves plant based hormones, some supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Principles from the GAPS (Gut and Psychology) protocol are also used. This is about how to heal the gut.

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